Anne L Ryan Wellbeing

Wellbeing through body psychotherapy

Every craftsperson has their flaw
Know your Self
Know your Heart
Know your Flaw
Hone your craft
– © Anne L Ryan, 2021

True wellbeing comes from a place of harmony and balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Exploring these interconnections in mind and body through body psychotherapy is a channel for healing and support to finding your personal harmony.

Creating and nurturing harmony in wellbeing involves connecting with our loved ones and participating in activities that maintain a healthy attitude to life. 

Body psychotherapy harnesses this and encourages you to:

  • develop the capacity to understand yourself better
  • harmonize conflict between mind and body 
  • encourage resilience to cope with the challenges of life
  • build self-esteem to become a confident person

If you want to explore how body psychotherapy can help you, please Get in touch. I offer a free 15 minute initial consultation.