therapy session room with blue chairs and green cushions

What happens in a session?

As you tell your story, by listening to the body’s expression of new insights and how they are felt, internal shifts are created. In this way, out-dated behavioural patterns of holding, breathing and relating can give way to an easier relationship with yourself and those around you

What I offer

I work in Cambridge. I offer a private space where I invite clients to engage in a deeper relationship where we work together in an atmosphere of curiosity, awareness and acceptance seeking a natural movement towards balance and wellbeing. 

Biodynamic body psychotherapy sessions are different for everyone and how we choose to work will depend on what feels right for us at that session. 

Methods used in body psychotherapy

The early sessions are useful to gain an idea of the range of methods and interventions available, all of which are vehicles for self-discovery. We will discuss these before they are first used,  and your wishes about what might suit you best will be respected.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to express how you are feeling. The methods that we use in biodynamic body psychotherapy allows the body to express these sensations and feelings openly without being restrained by verbal communication. As well as talking, a body-psychotherapy session can include different ways of exploring what’s going on for you. We might work somatically, use movement to gain insight, art materials to express non-verbally, relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, guided imagery, create dialogues with cushions or other objects that represent people in your life or use biodynamic massage, a psychotherapeutic massage. Whichever method we use, the intention remains the same in every session, to support you along your path of self-discovery.  


Booking a session

The first step is to book a one-hour appointment. In the first session, I will ask about your life and medical history and why you think body psychotherapy might help. All consultations between therapist and client are confidential.

Weekly sessions

Biodynamic body psychotherapy works with the body’s innate rhythms and so sessions are organised on the same day and at the same time each week. Usually, clients come for weekly sessions of one hour. We can discuss scheduling sessions and fees at the beginning of our time together. This helps me with the pacing and the organisation of the session. 

Appointments and fees

I work in Cambridge. My fee is £64 per 1-hour session. My preferred method of meeting is in person. However, I can talk with clients by telephone, and see them online using Zoom when this is mutually beneficial.

My COVID protocol

Body psychotherapy works with relationships and requires face-to-face meetings. However, because of COVID-19 and in line with advice from the UKCP I work following their guidance.