Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

A loving touch can flood the soul to reach silent undiscovered corners of a painful past and heal.

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What is biodynamic body psychotherapy?

Biodynamic body psychotherapy works with our physical feelings and emotions and how we experience these within our bodies. By exploring the mind-body relationship and the physical habits and holding patterns that we present, we can gain an understanding of how our own behaviour is contributing to the difficulties that we are facing. It offers a calm, supportive and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, drawing on body-orientated methods combined with space to talk and reflect.

Listening to the body’s expression allows us to become more ‘in tune’ with ourselves so that old patterns of behaviour can give way to an easier relationship with yourself and those around you. Biodynamic body psychotherapy gives us the opportunity to self-regulate, heal and transform through our innate ability to connect with our own personal wisdom.

Is it right for me?

Biodynamic body psychotherapy works with how we express ourselves, in speech and body behaviours, and how we store these in our body.

If you have bodily sensations such as aches, tension and fatigue, or you enjoy working with the body in sport, dance and movement, the gentle, holistic approach of body psychotherapy may be for you. By working alongside the rhythms and synergy of the body and mind relationship, you connect with these natural resources in your body. If you like the sound of this approach then biodynamic body psychotherapy may be for you.